Book 3 in the Divine Chronicles



If you could heal the world what would you do?

1940 - An eighteen year old Peter Chesterfield arrives on Dunkirk beach as part of a rescue operation further inland.  On that beach his life will change forever and lead him through time and space on a path he never knew possible.


2018 - Apinya is nine years old, intelligent, inquisitive and with a secret only his Khun pu - great grandfather would understand.

When he is attacked and falls into a coma where he wakes up changes his life forever, connecting him with a family he never knew existed.  At the head of that family is a man who Apinya has feared in his nightmares for as long as he can remember.


Spanning 80 years, Peter and Apinya find their lives interwoven through time as they try to get to grips with their abilities and what it means to be Divine.