Book 2 in the Millionaire Trilogy

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Miss Millionaire

Just six numbers, that’s all it takes.

Pick the right ones and your wildest dreams may come true.

Katelyn never had any wild dreams. She loved her man and the possibility of the future together, and that was enough.


Everything is about to go very wrong for her though, and it starts with those six numbers.

‘Pick numbers which mean something to you,’ Mr. Patel, the shopkeeper, has said.

And so she picked ones which reminded her of Adam.

03, 08, 09, 28, 37 and 49.

Such innocent looking numbers, but they are the reason everything falls apart.  Katelyn needs to get out, but go where when all she’s ever known is the small town she’s lived her whole life in?

With nine million reasons to leave, Miss Millionaire is struggling to come up with a single reason to stay.


Just six numbers, that’s all it takes.