Book 1 in the Millionaire Trilogy

Millionaire1 copy.jpg

Mr. Millionaire

Imagine going from debt collectors knocking at your door to whatever your heart desired.

Imagine waking up with no worries, another day full of opportunity.

Imagine buying that winning  lottery ticket and your world changing with the roll of those six balls.

Imagine having the means to change the lives of those around you.

Imagine how the world around you would change, how people would change knowing you’ve become an overnight millionaire.


What would you do?


Paul Deacon is tired of hiding from the knocks on the door, knowing it’s another debt collector demanding money he doesn’t have.  He once had it all, the job, the wife, nuclear family and he took it all for granted.  Now he is down on his luck, jobless, and with mounting debts which just won’t go away.

Then walking home one day Paul decides to buy a lucky-dip, he could do with a little luck in his life.


Imagine being that lucky.

Imagine the pendulum swinging back the other way.